Here at Dabraco I do not breed for profit only for excellence I work full time hours to maintain my dogs, not the other way around therefore we do not churn out puppies every few months, I breed from my bitches only when I feel it is right. My last litter was born 29/08/2011 out of my bitch Dabraco Castaway to Champion Jacraila Mr Incredible - 4 boys & 4 girls and all are now settled in their new homes and doing very well and we have no plans for any more Rotty pups at this present time.


The beginning ! 

My Dabraco Kennel was established in 1987, the name is an anagram of my christian name LinDA & my son BRAd and our surname COok.  Having owned and shown very lightly, my Boxers and Old English I had always admired the 'Rottie' and decided once my last Boxer had gone that I would have one!  I started with my bitch 'Muir Dark Sasha' and soon discovered that she preferred doing obedience, the show scene was not for her. She picked up various awards and trophies, we represented a local breed club in various obedience competitions and we had fun which was the important part. In 1988 I then acquired'Valdez Golly Miss Molly' from Don & Rita McCallum she qualified for 'CRUFTS'and the show bug really hit me then. Molly as she was known was never bred from as she was always poorly when in season and I decided to have her spayed at an early age, she lived to be 12 years old ! 

Having owned Rotties by this time for 12 years, and taken the time to learn about the breed, it was not until January 1999 that my first litter was born out of my then Champion bitch 'Jacraila Fatal Attraction' (Hanna) to Dave & Eleanor Hislops 'Artig October Man' she produced 4 dogs & 1 bitch, this unfortunately was her only ever litter. I held on to the bitch, and named her 'Dabraco Cutty Sark' (Sophie)

Hanna was a superstar in the ring, she just loved showing off, her first RCC was out of Junior at 16months and she was a champion at 2.1/2 years of age gaining in total 5 CC's & 6 RCC's, numerous 1st places, BOB's, + BIS's

Hip Scoring and good scores are not always at the top of the list of importance to some when breeding puppies which is unfortunate as these dogs can go on to produce puppies that are not sound in their construction and can suffer from pain and problems. Here at Dabraco we do not breed out of any bitch or use any dog that has an inferior high Hip Score, also I do not release the restriction on puppies until they are scored.  

Since I started breeding Rottie's which I only do when I want to keep something from the lines, in six litters I have not produced a puppy that has  a score over 10 in total.


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