L/R - Wildax Cosy Sock (Poppy) & Wildax Rossini (Rossi)  

I cannot thank Frank & Margaret Wildman enough for allowing these two gorgeous girls to come and live here with me in Bonnie Scotland, Poppy in August 2015 and Rossi in January 2018. I will forever be grateful x  

It has been a real shock to the system showing Boston Terriers after showing my beautiful Rottweilers since 1987 but after having knee replacements done I could not cope with the running part of showing a working breed.  I now wish I had;nt waited so long to own this wonderful breed and I am having the most fabulous fun with them and both are also doing really well in the ring, no matter the result I am always taking the best home. My youngster "Rossi" has exceeded my expectations and hopefully we will continue to have as much fun in 2019.

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